Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video aired of kidnapped Briton

One of five Britons kidnapped in Baghdad last year, has appeared on a video shown on Al Arabiya TV. Identifying himself as Peter Moore, he is heard to say, “I’ve been held for nearly eight months now" which indicated the video may have been shot in mid-January. He said that his freedom depended upon a prisoner exchange. The men were taken captive on May 20th 2007 from the Finance Ministry in Baghdad but there has been little word on their condition since. Last December another video surfaced which depicted another of the hostages. On both occasions the Foreign Office has condemned the video release and demanded the men’s immediate release [BBC / Sky News].
Also in Iraq today, 14 were killed in a suicide attack on a bus in the northern town of Mosul. The bomber boarded the bus before detonating his explosives [BBC]. And it was bad news for the UK government after a ruling from the Information Commissioner to release the minutes of cabinet meetings which led up to the Iraqi invasion in 2003. The government has continually resisted the release of the documents which had been sought under the Freedom of Information Act [BBC]

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