Thursday, February 14, 2008

US - Valentine's Day shooting at university

At least 18 people have been shot at a university in Illinois. According to reports on the University website the gunman was no longer a threat. CNN have said that the gunman had killed himself after killing at least two students. Officers were alerted to a white male with a gun at the campus and were immediately dispatched to the scene. But before they arrived the unknown gunman had apparently opened fire on a class full of geology students in a lecture theatre at around 15:00 local time. According to an eyewitness the gunman reloaded after firing several times. He looked like a "normal guy" according the witness who spoke to a local radio station, Sky News reported. The true numbers are sketchy but the local Kishwaukee hospital has reported 3 or 4 people with head wounds and that 15 people were expected to arrive. Ironically Sky News and BBC News 24 in the UK were providing greater coverage than CNN International. The local Chicago Sun Times have quoted a local police officer as saying the gunman committed suicide. WBBM radio spoke to an eyewitness who treated some of the victims. She said the wound seemed to have been inflicted by buckshot. According to latest reports a total of 17 people have arrived at Kishwaukee hospital. Three are said to be critical whilst another 8 are 'stable'. The other 6 are in 'green' condition. This information contradicts earlier reports that two students were dead as a result of the shooting.

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