Friday, February 01, 2008

Iraq - 50 killed in market blasts

Iraq is once again in the spotlight after two suicide blasts killed at least 50 at a Baghdad market. The blast comes as Iraq is being widely discussed amongst contenders for the upcoming presidential election. Last night Hillary Clinton was defending her position on voting for military action against Saddam Hussein prior to the 2003 invasion. “Knowing he was a meglamaniac..I think we made a reasoned judgement”, she said. Barak Obama retorted that it was “important to be right on day one”. He conceded the “terrorist threat is real and we shouldn’t send troops in without rational” referring to the fact that the US only has a finite number of resources. Both Democratic candidates support a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq with Clinton saying she would initiate a pull-out within 60 days. John McCain, the main contender for the Republican Party, has in the meantime talked of maintaining a presence for up to 100 years.

On the streets of Iraq, the population care little for the discussions, only the hope that the violence will stop. Today’s bomb attacks were perpetrated by two female suicide bombers according to reports and killed up to 53 people and injured more than 90 others [CNN]. The blasts came half an hour apart with one striking a popular animal market where dogs, cats and monkeys are sold. The animal market has been attacked several times in the past. A bombing in January 2007 killed 15 and wounded 52 at the pet market, while an attack last November killed 13 and wounded 58 [Sky News / BBC]

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