Wednesday, February 06, 2008

US Election - no clear result after Super Tuesday

After the much discussed and debated Super Duper Tuesday there is still no clear front runner in the presidential candidate race, at least as far as the Democrats are concerned. Twenty four states voted in yesterday’s Super Tuesday, but after all the votes were counted Obama and Clinton remained neck and neck. John McCain remained the clear front runner in the Republican race with Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee still trailing behind [CNN].
On the Democratic race, Clinton was out in front with 825 with Obama at 732. McCain was ahead of the two main Republican contenders with 615. Romney and Huckabee achieved 268 and 169 respectively. These figures of course may change as the last few votes are counted, but the position of the main candidates is likely to remain the same [In depth - CNN]. All the candidates were upbeat despite their differing positions. “We’re going to win this thing and go to the White House” Mitt Romney told his supporters last night.. Mike Huckabee was equally positive in his outlook saying, “People keep saying it’s a two man race; it is, and were in it”. John McCain is due to meet with the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he visits London this Friday.

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