Friday, February 29, 2008

MoD: Harry will return from Afghanistan

The MoD has released a statement saying that Prince Harry will be withdrawn from Afghanistan immediately. The Sun website and various other media organisations reported the news at 11:00 GMT, but the news was not confirmed until 11:15. Often referred to as a ‘bullet magnet’ the Prince will return home not only for his own safety but also for the safety of his comrades. The statement, posted on the MoD website, says, “The decision by elements of the foreign media to report Prince Harry’s presence in Afghanistan without any consultation with the Ministry of Defence is regrettable. However, this was a circumstance that we have always been aware of and one for which we have had contingency plans in place. Whilst it had been intended that Prince Harry should return in a matter of weeks with the remainder of the Household Cavalry Regiment Battlegroup, the situation has now clearly changed.”
While much of the focus of news media has revolved around Prince Harry’s role in Afghanistan, few reported on the return of other troops who yesterday marched through the Essex town of Grays. The 1st Battalion of the Anglian Regiment paraded past small enthusiastic crowds. The regiment lost 9 members during their tour of duty [Basildon Echo]. A total of 89 British troops have died during the conflict which started in 2001 [].

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