Thursday, February 14, 2008

US shooting - Gunman dead, 17 injured

WBBM, a Chicago radio station, has said the shooting comes after ‘threats’ scrawled as graffiti on walls at the campus last December. According to the reports the message said “things will change” and had racist overturns. Rockford hospital has received at least one of the 3 seriously injured victims. Two are said to have head wounds whilst a third received shotgun wounds to the chest. A further 8 described as stable or condition yellow, having received indirect gunshot wounds. Christine, a witness within the lecture hall at the time of the incident, spoke of the man coming in and “just shooting”. She said she was confused and didn’t take it seriously at first. “He was tall and skinny wearing black pants” but she then hit the ground and was unable to see if he was aiming at anyone specifically. Other reports suggest a lecturer was hit in the chaos that followed. The Kishwawkee Hospital website is updating their website as the situation changes. It is the 4th school shooting in the US this week. Johnathon Peters updated reporters said in a press conference that the gunman entered from the front of the hall, behind a curtain. Kenny Williams said that plans were in place to deal with possible incidents. The police chief said the gunman may have been a university student but not at this university. He said further investigations would continue but they had no known motive at this time. Don Brady said the incident "started and stopped very quickly". "I wish I could tell you there was a panacea ... but it's difficult for someone to stop something like this from the very beginning". He said the man had a shotgun and two handguns, including a Glock, and killed himself on the stage within the auditorium. "We can't be certain of anything but it appears there was a loan gunman" he said. Asked about reports of grafitti he said, "there was grafitti all the time" but wouldn't speculate on whether it was related. The Live broadcasting of the press conference was covered by WBBM and later a few clips made it to the BBC. Sky so far have not reported on the details talked in the briefing.

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