Tuesday, February 05, 2008

UK - Five jailed for helping 21/7 plotters

L-R from top: Siraj Ali, Muhedin Ali, Ismail Abdurahman, Wahbi Mohammed & Abdul Sherif

Five men who aided would-be suicide bombers who had tried to attack London’s transport system in 2005 have been jailed. Muhedin Ali, 29, Wahbi Mohammed, 25, Ismail Abdurahman, 25, Siraj Ali, 32, and Abdul Sherif, 30, all from London, were given between seven and 17 years. Muktar Ibrahim, Yassin Omar, Ramzi Mohammed and Hussein Osman were all jailed for life last year over their attempted attacks which came less than two weeks after suicide bomb attcks left 50 dead in July 2005. The five men jailed yesterday had helped provide safe houses and food to the failed bombers [BBC].

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