Friday, February 15, 2008

US - University gunman named

Steven Kazmierczak from a 1998 year book [pic: Daily Herald]

A total of 21 people were shot at yesterday's massacre at an Illimois University. Seven people died in the incident including the gunman. He has been identified as 27 year old Steven Kazmierczak, a former student who had graduated in 2006 with a sociology degree. No motive has yet been determined. There has been a number of shootings in the US in the last year, most notably the Virginia Tech shooting in April 2007 in which 32 people died, and another at the Amish school in Pennsylvania in which five girls were shot dead. But such incidents are not confined to the United States. In Germany, 17 were killed and another 7 were injured when a student went on the rampage in 2002. And in Argentina a gunman killed 4 and injured 5 others in 2004. Finland was also the scene of a massacre when a gunman shot 9 dead in 2007.

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