Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UK - Anti-terrorist police recover CD

Counter terrorism officers have recovered a missing CD belonging to the Home Office. Sky News reported on the discovery shortly before 22:30 GMT and later spoke to Lee Bevan a computer engineer who had found the missing disc hidden inside a laptop computer that had been handed into his shop for repair. He told Sky News that the owner had bought the computer on the internet auction website Ebay and later found the device did not work. Upon investigation, Lee said he found the disc between the keyboard and the internal workings of the laptop. He said he had attempted to see what was on the disc but found it to be encrypted. The engineer then informed the authorities who sent anti-terror police to recover the laptop and the disc. Mr Bevan said both he and his work colleagues had been interviewed, but he was unaware of how the investigation had continued after the officers left.

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