Wednesday, July 27, 2005

UK - bomber 'may have fled country'

One of the bombers may have fled the country according to Channel 4 News tonight. Muktar Said Ibrahim, the alleged would-be bus bomber, could have left through the port of Dover and police in Belgium have been put on alert. Police have been rattled after pictures surfaced on ABC News, in the United States, of bombs found in the car at Luton. They show several types of explosives including a 'nail-bomb', sixteen devices were found according to Channel 4 News quoting ABC sources. It is not clear how the TV network secured the pictures. Other pictures shown were of the scenes of explosion on the 7th July, that of the blasts on three subway trains at Aldgate, Kings Cross and Edgware stations.
[19:15 GMT 27/07/2005]

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