Thursday, July 21, 2005

Police - 'No sign of Chem/Bio attack'

Police say there is ‘no sign of chemical or biological agents’ at the scene of the explosions. The specifics are as yet unclear. Only one casualty has been reported from the Warren Street incident. A passenger of the No 26 bus, Mark Bond, has told the BBC he heard a bang and left the bus very quickly, “as soon as those doors were open I was gone”. He described the reaction of other passengers, “Everybody just got of the bus, about twenty people,” he said. “It’s just started to hit home, I didn’t expect it in Hackney” he added. At the Oval station incident a passenger who was entering the station told CNN he saw a man running from the scene being pursued by some 10 or so people. The individual was described as ‘Asian’, skinny, aged about ‘eighteen or nineteen’ with short hair. As he ran past the witness, he is alleged to have said something to the effect of “what’s wrong with these people”, before making his way into the park. It is not known if the ‘suspect’ was captured.
[16:02 GMT / 17:02 BST 21/07/2005]

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