Friday, July 29, 2005

London - Notting Hill raids

A siege is currently ongoing in the Notting Hill area of London. Police had earlier asked all media to maintain a news blackout in order to maintain advantage in a raid upon a house in the area. Explosions, possibly stun grenades or gunfire, according to witnesses, have been heard in the area. Armed police, wearing gas masks, are laying siege to a flat according to AP, CNN reported. Police are ordering the occupant to ‘strip and exit the building’. Live images from the Peabody Estate are being restricted by Sky News, BBC, and ITN in order not to compromise the operations currently ongoing. It is not yet known if the the suspect is one of the would-be bombers from the 21st July. Meanwhile, BBC are reporting the arrest of 2 women at Liverpool Street station, 14:22 BST [UTC+1]. BBC have also just reported that the Oval bomber may have been arrested.
[13:31 GMT 29/07/2005]

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