Monday, July 11, 2005

PM makes Commons statement

The Prime Minister Tony Blair made a statement in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon following Thursday’s terror attacks. He said “Islamic extremist terrorists” were responsible and that Britain had seen a new type of terrorism as seen in many parts of the world. He listed many countries including Chechnya, Yemen, Bali [Indonesia], Madrid, Istanbul [Turkey] and in America [Sept 11th 2001]. “We will not rest until they are identified and where possible seek justice” he said. Of the 52 dead, he said the majority of the families had been informed and had Police family liaison officers with them. He thanked voluntary organizations as well as the emergency services. Identification of the dead may prove difficult but that every effort would be made to provide the information to relatives as quickly as possible. The timetable set for Anti terrorist legislation during this coming session of Parliament remained unchanged but “may be looked at for possible alterations.” “If, as the picture emerges, it is sensible to return with an accelerated timetable ... that would be done.”
He spoke also of the outspoken voices of support throughout the world. G8 leaders expressed solidarity, he said. The UN security council had passed an anti-terrorist resolution. “Today, what a different city London is from 1945 [speaking with reference to the weekend’s 60th Anniversary of the end of WW II] but still the British do not flinch ... in the face of adversity.” He spoke of his thanks to the Muslim community who had lent their support and condemned the bombings. “Fanaticism is not a state of religion but a state of mind,” the Prime Minister said. Speaking of the solidarity of a multicultural Britain and the resilience of the British nation he finished by saying, “It is to us and not the terrorists that victory will belong.”
[15:02 GMT 11/07/2005]

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