Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ch 4 News - manhunts, UXBs and links to 7/7

Channel Four News report that traces of ‘Acetone Peroxide’ were found at the scene. This, said the report, seems to indicate a link to the explosions of 7th July. ‘Unexploded’ devices are still in place and cordons may remain for some time, Ch 4 News reports. The man arrested at gunpoint near Downing Street was ‘unconnected’ to the incidents the report went on to say. The ‘incident’ at University College London [Hospital] surrounded a possible ‘suspect with wires sticking from his clothing’, Ch 4 News said. A memo passed around the hospital, and seen by a Ch 4 News reporter, seemed to confirm this, indicating a probable manhunt. An ‘expert’ speaking on Ch 4 News, said that the explosive may have become unstable if made some time ago, and thus failed to detonate.
[18:26 GMT / 19:26 BST 21/07/2005]

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