Friday, July 22, 2005

Middle east violence increases

Sixteen people including a young bride died in a suicide attack near Baghdad today. The bride had only married yesterday. In another suicide attack around 12 people died and others were injured, CNN tonight reported. That attack also occurred in Baghdad. The week has seen much violence hidden from media elsewhere due to coverage of the attacks in London. On Wednesday the Iraqi government called for the nationwide moment of silence to remember the Iraqis and one American soldier killed July 13 in Baghdad and the nearly 100 people killed in last Saturday in a massive bombing in Musayyib, 65 miles to the north.
Iraq was not the only country to see increased violence this week. Several people were injured in an explosion on a street in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, coming only hours after Condoleeza Rize visited the city. She had stopped for an unannounced meeting on her latest whistle-stop tour. And in Yemen, fuel riots saw the deaths of at least 36 people in two days of rioting. Fuel prices were increased on Wednesday and subsequent protests were fired upon by police after stone throwing.
[23:36 GMT / 00:36 BST 22-23/07/2005]

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