Thursday, July 14, 2005

Iraq - dozens dead in suicide attacks

Up to 32 children died Wednesday when a suicide bomber drove his SUV into a US military convoy in the centre of Baghdad. The convoy had stopped and a soldier was handing out sweets to a crowd of children, a US military spokesperson was quoted as saying. A witness to the attack, Hassan Mohammed, said, “"What sort of a resistance is this? It's a crime," There was a veiled criticism of both the insurgents and Americans, "Why do they attack our children? They just destroyed one US Humvee, but they killed dozens of our children". Another resident quoted on ITN blamed the US troops for stopping and handing out sweets, saying that they had surrounded themselves with ‘human shields’. A similar attack in September last year resulted in the deaths of 45 people, 37 of which were children.
[18:59 GMT 14/07/2005]

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