Saturday, July 23, 2005

London - shot man 'not terrorist' say police

Police have said the man shot dead by police at Stockwell Station yesterday, was not connected to the terror incidents of the 21st July. The man was shot at point blank range “in the head” up to five times according to shocked witnesses. Police said he is “probably not connected to the 7th July bombings”, but would not completely rule out a ‘terror link’. Yesterday, Scotland Yard said the man was connected to the terror attacks. Describing the incident as a tragedy, Scotland Yard said today that "For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets." Liberty, a human rights organisation, called for a "prompt, comprehensive and independent investigation". Two other persons remain in custody following arrests yesterday and this morning, officials have said. [BBC]
[19:58 GMT 23/07/2005]

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