Saturday, July 23, 2005

London - shot man was Brazilian

The man shot in Stockwell station has been identified as Jean Charles Menezes, a 27 year old Brazilian from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. The Brazilian government has released a statement saying they are “shocked and appalled” following at the shooting and are asking for a “full explanation” from British authorities. His family meanwhile have asked that his body is returned quickly. "I asked that the body be released as quickly as possible, we need to bring him to Brazil, which is what the family wants," his cousin, Alex Alves, told Globo television. Mr Alves said his cousin had lived in London legally for three years and was heading to his job when he was killed. Mr Menezes was an electrician, he said. Another cousin, Aleide de Menezes, said Jean Charles de Menezes spoke English very well and would have understood police instructions, CBN radio reported.
[22:10 GMT 23/07/2005]

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