Tuesday, July 19, 2005

British troops charged with 'war crimes'

Three British servicemen will stand trial for war crimes in Iraq, it was reported late Tuesday. According to Sky News the three are among 11 who face a range of charges of inhuman treatment of detainees, arising from incidents in Iraq. The Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has announced they will stand trial under the International Criminal Court Act 2001. Corporal Donald Payne, 34, of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, is alleged to have inhumanely treated and killed detainee Baha Da'oud Salim Musa. Lance Corporal Wayne Crowcroft, 21, and Private Darren Fallon, 22, both of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, are charged with inhumanely treating the internees, who sustained injuries following repeated assaults. The incidents occurred between September 13th-15th 2003.
[20:16 GMT 17/07/2005]

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