Thursday, August 04, 2005

NYPD leak information on London bombs

One month on and another ‘leak’. Ray Kelly of the NYPD gave details of the chemistry behind the explosives as well as trigger devices. A reporter Erika Martinez from the New York Post described the ability to make explosives from ‘household chemicals’ as “disturbing”. DCI Andy Trotter, of London’s Metropolitan Police, said the release of information was “unhelpful”. Channel 4 News describing it as a ‘dog’s breakfast’, a former Security Director was asked the purpose, by US authorities, of releasing such information. Sal Lifrieri, New York Mayor’s Security Director, 1996-2001, suggested the information was probably released in order to make a community “hyper vigilant” and to enable them to identify the risks. “Unless you can direct them to specific behaviour…you can’t see the wood for the trees”. It is not the first leak to come from US sources. ABC released photographs of several crime scenes related to the 7/7 attacks on July 26th. There has also been a continual stream of information coming from Italian authorities surrounding the individual held in connection with the Shepherd’s Bush failed attacks. Hussain Osman’s lawyer has also been very forthcoming with information which will no doubt cause problems for any upcoming trial. Latest revelations, published in the The Daily Telegraph, say the alleged would-be suicide bomber only had ‘flour’ in his bombs. "I value life too highly," he said. "I've never thought of dying. Just the thought of it terrifies me. It was a demonstrative action. In that backpack there was a detonator, but the rest was flour. It was only supposed to go bang, and frighten people." This will certainly fuel the conspiracy sites, of which there are a growing number surfacing on the internet.
[18:53 GMT 04/08/2005]

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