Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bush - "We will stay on the hunt"

President George W. Bush on Wednesday

President George W. Bush spoke in Nampa, Idaho today. Speaking to military families he praised their sacrifice in the ‘War on Terror’ and repeated his determination to “stay on the hunt until the terrorist has nowhere to hide.” His wife had apparently asked him to keep the speech short. However, President George W Bush then went on to talk for more than 30 minutes. He may have spoken for a great deal longer but CNN cut away.

“After our nation was attacked on September 11th 2001, air crews of the 366th wing flew more than 1000 combat missions over the skies of Afghanistan. In the war on terror you are bringing justice to our enemies and honour to the uniform, our country is grateful to your service” he said in the opening minutes of his address. After two minutes of praise for the people of Idaho, the Mayor “fill the potholes” and generals, colonels “Our nation is engaged in a global war on terror that effects the safety and security of every American. From Iraq and Afghanistan and across the world we face dangerous enemies who want to harm our people. Folks who want to destroy our way of life. And throughout our nation’s history whenever freedom has been threatened, America’s turned to the national guard. From the war of independence to today’s War on Terror the national guard has defended this country with courage and determination. I’m proud to be the Commander in Chief”
Honouring their unique service he said, “You’re the only part of the armed forces that serve both the state and the country…As you protect us from natural disasters you protect us from terrorist threats…”
A rapturous applause followed his praise for the Idaho military and the sacrifices given. But, the war on terror was not over, he warned, “They are planning new attacks on our citizens. On September 11th we saw the future that the terrorists envisaged. I made a decision to confront emerging threats before they are realized and if you harbour a terrorist, you are just as guilty as a terrorist… we will stay on the offence. To withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq and the broader Middle East would only embolden the terrorists…we will stay, we will fight and we will win the war on terror”
“This is a different kind of war,” he said. The enemy does not line itself up on borders as in the past, but hid in our midst, “attacking us before retreating to hide in the shadows.”
“In a free society it is impossible to protect from every type of threat, so the only way to get the terrorist is to go to where they live…we’re determined, we are relentless and we will stay on the hunt until the terrorist has nowhere to hide…History has proved … that democracies do not fight their neighbours, we are laying the foundations of peace”
[18:13 GMT 24/08/2005]

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