Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gaza - stand-off as mass suicide threatened

In Gaza protesters have threatened to commit mass suicide. Sky News reported earlier that one woman set fire to herself in southern Israel. There is not the saturation coverage as seen in similar events worldwide, though there are transmission difficulties being experienced by many networks as they attempt to broadcast LIVE. Most Israeli settlers have left the ‘occupied lands’ but there is still a hard core of activists in parts of Gaza, some hauled up in a Synagogue. Neve Dekalim, in southern Gaza, is the main focus of events. Police moved into Gaza’s largest synagogue but have not yet removed people from the buildings. There have been reports of a shooting in the West Bank. An Israeli is believed to have opened fire on Palestinians, killing at least one. In Shirat Hayam it remains quiet at present but police have yet to remove all the settlers from the camps.
[14:27 GMT 17/08/2005]

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