Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nagasaki - 60 years ago

60 years on and a second anniversary this week of an A-bomb attack, this time at Nagasaki. The bomb named 'Fat Man', constructed using plutonium 239, was dropped on the city from a B29 bomber named 'Bockscar'. At 11:02 [local time] on the 9th July 1945 the bomb was dropped, exploding 439 metres above the city. Up to 140,000 people died as a result of the explosion. The coverage of the events at Nagasaki was not covered as extensively as the proceedings at Hiroshima on the 6th July. Euronews started LIVE coverage as proceedings began around 01:45 GMT but dropped after 7 minutes. CNN continued its normal schedule and broadcast Larry King Live, with a special show on the death of ABC anchor Peter Jennings who died today from lung cancer aged 67. He had been with ABC for 22 years. The BBC meanwhile was showing the World Business Report. Sky dipped into proceedings at 01:43 GMT, but only for around 30 seconds. And nuclear energy is currently high on the political agenda as Iran restarted its Uranium enrichment on Monday.
[02:45 GMT 09/08/2005]

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