Friday, August 26, 2005

Iraq - Sunnis likely to reject constitution

Iraq is falling into further political crisis after another deadline came and went without any resolve to Iraq’s new constitution. One US commander, speaking on the BBC, fears increased violence if Sunnis see themselves as not having a voice. The likelihood of a complete rejection of the constitution seems ever more possible. Three deadlines have passed. Federalism is the main sticking point for the Sunnis which make up some 20% of the population. De-ba’athification is also a concern for many, as it may affect many of the Sunnis who have had close ties to the Ba’ath Party in the past. A truck driver was killed when he was caught in an IED attack on a US military convoy. At least eleven people have been killed in attacks across the country according to various reports [Yahoo News] . The US death toll stands at 1,874. Added to that are nearly 200 coalition servicemen bringing the overall number to 2,068, [Iraq]. Over 250 contractors have died in the same period.
[17:24 GMT 26/08/2005]

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