Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Iraq - Sunnis reject new constitution

“No to federalism, yes to a united Iraq” – these were the shouts in the street protests after the draft constitution was handed in last night. The rejection of the new constitution came from the Sunni population and their parliamentary representatives. Many feel they have been sidelined by the majority Shi’ite government and that oil profits will not be shared evenly. Three or four days have been set aside to resolve the ‘stumbling blocks’ [BBC] or ‘sticking points’ [Sky News]. Deadlock leading to increased power struggles seem ever more likely, with the few Sunni representatives that exist becoming less relevant in a factionalized Iraq. The lack of a Sunni voice only fuels the insurgency further. And the risk of civil war nears ever closer behind it.
[21:06 GMT 23/08/2005]

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