Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gaza - Last synagogues being evicted

"Jews shall not evict Jews", these were the chants that Israeli police were confronted with as they moved in to evict protesters from synagogues in Gaza today. Thousands of Israeli troops have been drafted into Kfar Darom to carry out the last of the settlers. Two hundred protesters are stilled barricaded inside as police and troops surround the synagogue. The withdrawal process has gone relatively quietly, with little violence from all sides. Marred only by the shooting dead of three Palestinians in the West Bank yesterday by a gunman Israeli was described as a lone act of an "Israeli terrorist" by Ariel Sharon, the Israeli PM. Although the majority of Israelis support the pullout, initiated by Sharon, there remains a sense of guarded optimism. CNN has covered much of today's operation LIVE. Sky, BBC 24, ITN and Al Jazeera are covering events sporadically.
[15:40 GMT 18/08/2005]

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