Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bush defends 'War on Terror'

Speaking in Utah today, President Bush has set his determination to continue operations in Iraq and Afghanistan until the mission was accomplished. “We’ve lost 1,864 members of our armed forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom and 223 in Operation Enduring Freedom,” he said, “Each of these men and women have left grieving families and loved ones back home.” But, he said, “We owe them something. We will finish the task they gave their live for.” He also made clear who the enemy was. “Terrorists like bin Laden and his ally Zarqawi are trying to turn Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taliban…” [BBC]
But some were not placated. “How many more soldiers have to die before we say enough is enough” Cindy Sheehan, a protester who has laid siege to the president’s holiday ranch over recent days, said on a televised Anti-war advertisement. [meetwithcindy.org / Wikipedia ]
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