Friday, August 19, 2005

Abbas - Israeli pullout “a salute to the martyrs”

As the Israeli pullout nears its completion, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, spoke to a rally of thousands in Rafah. “This exit is a result of the sacrifices and patience of our is a salute to the martyrs and sacrifices” he said. In a triumphal address he added, “We are happy to be celebrating today…but this step is only the first step, which will continue in the West Bank and Jerusalem, God willing”. He spoke too of his hopes for the Palestinian people’s future, “The most important step is how to protect our country and how to build our country”. He also promised to build houses for those that had lost them in Israeli bulldozings. Meanwhile four settlements have yet to be evicted by Israeli police. The completion of evictions is expected by Monday.
[15:58 GMT 19/08/2005]

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