Monday, November 10, 2008

Weather warning as floods hit UK

Heavy rain across parts of England has caused havoc for motorists and the weather is likely to worsen according to meteorologists. In Essex surface spray made for difficult driving conditions on the M25 and the M11. Across the county the fire brigade were called to several incidents involving vehicles stuck in flood water. In Clacton on Sea a disabled woman had to be rescued after the car she was travelling became stuck in deep water. Another man was also extricated from his car late this afternoon after driving into a flooded road. In south Essex several cars were reported to be stranded along a stretch of the A129 in Wickford and the fire service were also called to deal with flooding in several properties. Shops in Laindon were badly affected after a metre of flood water built up in a service road in Danacre Road and firefighters spent much of the afternoon pumping water away. Floods were not only confined to the south. One man had to be rescued from the roof of his car by the fire service at Bishampton in Worcestershire. And several reports of stranded vehicles have come in from the Midlands which has also been badly affected.

Across the country there are 22 flood warnings in effect, with the majority affecting southern counties [Environment Agency]. The BBC reported a weather warning on Monday afternoon affecting many parts of the country. The Highlands and the Hebrides were likely to be hit by heavy rain up to 40mm combined with severe gales gusting to 113 km/h [70mph]. Southern England and East Anglia was also likely to experience heavy rain with totals of up to 25mm possible. Gusty winds may also be a hazard, particularly to south coasts where gusts of 113 km/h were likely. The rain is expected to subside in the next 24 hours but high winds may continue for some time to come [Sky News].

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adolfo said...

The Environment Agency has published two severe flood warnings for the Rhymney and Taff rivers in Wales as well as issuing about 40 other flood warnings on rivers in England and Wales.
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