Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At least 3 die in British storms

A coastguard vessel searches for a missing fisherman off the Essex coast on Tuesday

A fisherman is believed to have died after running into trouble off the Essex coast. The 47 year old, Colin Dolby, had called home on Monday afternoon to say that the weather had worsened and was making back to port at Leigh on Sea. But at 15:00 the coastguard was alerted and several lifeboats along with an RAF 125 helicopter from RAF Wattisham was dispatched to search for the missing vessel. However as darkness fell there was no sign of either the boat named Louisa, or its sole occupant. A search and rescue mission was resumed early Tuesday but failed to find any sign of Mr Dolby. The matter has been handed over to local police and an RNLI spokesman said the man had been declared “missing presumed dead”.

The incident occurred as Britain endured torrential rain and widespread flooding yesterday. Hundreds of motorists found themselves stranded in flood water across several counties and dozens of properties were also affected. A motorcyclist was killed and his passenger was seriously injured on the A396 near Exeter. It is believed the 39-year-old man's Triumph Tiger bike crashed into a car as he and his female companion were travelling to work in torrential conditions. Strong winds also caused havoc across parts of the country. In Essex a building site worker was crushed when a strong gust of wind sent a crane spinning out of control at Broomfield Hospital [Echo / BBC / Daily Mail]

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