Wednesday, November 26, 2008

78 dead in Mumbai's night of terror

Security Chief Hemant Karkare moments before he was shot dead

At least 78 people have died in the Mumbai terror attacks. Nine locations were targeted by an unknown number of terrorists and some incidents are still ongoing with several people having been taken hostage by gunmen at the Taj Mahal and Oberori Hotels. The hostages are believed to be Westerners and some reports suggest the terrorists specifically singled out British and Americans. Hemant Karkare, the terror head of Mumbai’s security operation, was also killed in the attacks. In footage shown on CNN the anti-terror head could be seen putting on a bullet-proof jacket and helmet only moments before he was fatally shot. Four terrorists have been captured according to police sources but it is not known if any have been killed. CNN’s Phil O’Sullivan, who is in a hotel some two kilometres from where hostages are being held, said that the situation was ongoing with reports of several police having been killed. He said that the streets were deadly quiet and not even dogs were could be seen [CNN / BBC]. India is no stranger to terrorism and more than 700 have died in the last three years from terror attacks. CNN report that between 2004 and 2007 around 3,600 died in terror attacks across the country.

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Anonymous said...

It is absolutely terrible what has happened, I was actually going to travel to India for a vacation with my family, which under the circumstances has now been canceled. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering and have been affected by this terrorism, innocent lives have been lost and families devastated. I also want to point out the heroism of Chief Hemant Karkare, he will always be remembered amongst those who gave their lives fighting for the sake and protection of others, selflessly. My condolences to his family, I am sure they are proud of him.