Friday, November 28, 2008

Seige continues at Taj Mahal hotel

The situation on the ground in Mumbai remains extremely fluid with the siege at one of the hotels continuing. Hundreds of journalists have gathered outside the Taj Mahal hotel. At around 17:00 local time [11:30 GMT] there was some confusion after explosions were heard and reports that some journalists had been wounded by gunfire. However, these reports were not immediately able to be unsubstantiated. The BBC later reported that a journalist had been injured by flying glass. Police and officials have pushed the media further away from the hotel and sporadic shots can still be heard and smoke can be seen issuing from the roof. Alex Crawford reporting from the scene for Sky News said the police were directed mainly at the second and third floors. She said there had be no sign of any civilians or hostages coming from the hotel. She reports that the police are firing rockets into the hotel from the front.

Earlier, a number of hostages were freed by security forces at the Oberoi hotel. At least 90 foreigners were seen to emerge and the authorities say they have control. The death toll rose once again after several bodies were found inside.

The siege at Nariman House continues and it is not known how many hostages are being held. Two hours ago [15:00 local time / 09:30 GMT] commandos were scene to be making an assault. Explosions were also heard but all has gone quiet since. Sky News are providing rolling news coverage as they maintain a Live camera position at the Taj Mahal hotel. The BBC, CNN and al-Jazeera have meanwhile switched back to regular programming and are only updating viewers at the top of the hour.

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