Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama wins Ohio, networks predict

With only 9 states still to close, and a full count yet to emerge it is difficult to suggest with absolute certainty, the winner in the presidential race. CNN, Sky and a number of other networks have declared Minnisota, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, New York State and New Mexico have been won by Obama. John McCain has been projected to have won North Dakota and Wyoming. The Associated Press have reported that the Democrates retain control in the Senate. But the race for the White House is far from over. Florida has yet to be declared or projected by any network and there are few results from the key battleground states. Sky and the BBC have projected a win in Ohio for Obama. McCain has meanwhile picked up Louisiana, CBS has projected. The electoral votes now stand at 175 to Obama and 76 to McCain. Sky have suggested that it was unlikely McCain could see any victory.

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