Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CERN fails to destroy the Earth!

Some fear the CERN laboratory could destroy the Earth

For anyone who thought that today would be the end of the world, they may have a little longer to wait. Several doomsayers had predicted that the CERN ‘atom-smasher’, which went into operation today, would create a cataclysmic black hole sucking up the entire Earth into a point of almost nothing. The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, at the CERN laboratory situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border, is a $6 billion project which sets out to study sub-atomic particles and, in particular, conditions that may have been occurring at the beginning of the universe. The LHC, a 27 km circular tunnel, will enable scientists to project sub-atomic particles at velocities close to the speed of light. As the facility was switched on today there was no ‘big-bang’ nor any black-holes coming into existence.
However, it is early days for the experimentation taking place in Geneva. Today was only a test run in the firing of sub-atomic particles along the tunnel in order to assess how fast scientists can make them go. The real experimentation comes in a few weeks as the first collision takes place. This has a small number of scientists concerned. One opponent, Otto Rössler, has even attempted to bring legal action to call a halt to the experiments. However attempts by the German chemist from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen have so far failed. Luis Sancho and Walter L. Wagner, independent astrophysicists based in Hawaii, have also failed in their attempt to stop CERN turning on the LHC.

Sancho and Wagner petitioned the U.S. District Court in Honolulu, Hawaii last spring to stop the progress of the LHC. In court files, the pair call the atom-smasher a "dark matter factory" that will spawn self-propelled bombs, "that is, substances, which actively attract and transform our normal matter and whose strength is such that once they become stable they cannot be controlled or destroyed by human beings - It is thus extremely dangerous to produce any quantities of strange matter or black holes on Earth."

But most scientists dismiss these theories. “Even if micro black holes formed, they would be smaller than protons—which fit in the nuclei of atoms—and would evaporate in a miniscule fraction of a second, long before they could grow by [absorbing] other matter," Jonathan Feng, a theoretical particle physicist at the University of California, Irvine, told the National Geographic magazine. The fears by some has spawned not only several websites [ /] but also many lurid headlines, even in some of the more serious papers [Daily Telegraph].

But so far, there has been no major catastrophe and nor will there be according to one scientist, after whom the radiation said to destroy any potential black holes, was named.
“The world will not come to an end when the LHC is switched on” Stephen Hawkings told the BBC. But if any of the cynics are indeed correct, they will have less than 5 minutes to rejoice in saying “I told you so” as the Earth disappears into oblivion.


Maria Vuitton said...

Great blog :)

JTankers said...

Hawking Radiation has been debunked.

Physicists who re-examined Hawking Radiation in the last decade determined that micro black holes do not evaporate. Their papers conclude:

"black holes do not radiate"[1] "the effect [Hawking Radiation] does not exist."[2] "infinitely delayed Hawking radiation" [3]

Dr. Rössler, a physicist famous for invention of Chaos theory's Rössler Attractor and for founding Endophysics, calculates exponential micro black hole growth (years or decades to consume the planet).[3]

If the Large Hadron Collider WILL create micro black holes, then the odds of danger might be... possibly... a probability?

[1] Do black holes radiate?. Prof. Dr. Adam Helfer (2003)

[2], On the existence of black hole evaporationyet again, Prof. VA Belinski (2006)

[3] BLACKHOLE.pdf Abraham-Solution to Schwarzschild Metric Implies That CERN Miniblack Holes Pose a Planetary Risk, Prof. Dr. Otto Rössler (2008)

onscrn said...

"But most scientists dismiss these theories." (referring to doomsday scenarios)

Actuslly, ALL of the thousands of currently practicing particle physicists in the world dismiss these theories. In other words, the ones that know what they are talking about, say there is no danger.

It's unfortunate that a very few people with no expertise in the field have been able to gain so much publicity for themselves (presumably what they are after) at the expense of science (wasted time) and the anxieties of people that read that there's a controversy among scientists, when in fact there is not.

I've written about the shameful stop-the-LHC stunt and some of the people involved, especially the last-minute scientists (see post above) that have stepped in with pathetically bogus results to support their doomsday view. Check out my blog post Large Hadron Collider: What’s the Risk?

JTankers said...

A large percentage of the world's practicing particle physicists work for CERN and are under direction not to estimate probability of risk other than no risk.

Scientists who have spoken out loudest have been attacked personally by CERN.

The number of concerned particle physicists is unknown.

Affidavit quote from the US Federal lawsuit:

"CERN censors information on the risks involved. Its Chief Scientific Officer, Mr. Engelen passed an internal memorandum to workers at CERN, asking them, regardless of personal opinion, to affirm in all interviews that there were no risks involved in the experiments, changing the previous assertion of ‘minimal risk’. This happened as he himself explained in a 2007 interview in The New Yorker, due to the growing public fear. So instead of addressing the legitimate fears of the citizenship, CERN decided to hide all risks involved;"[1]