Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finland - college shooting leaves 'many dead'

A 22 year old student has gone on the rampage at a college in Finland shooting dead several students. Police have only said there maybe many dead and others have been wounded.
According to a BBC correspondent in Helsinki, the gunman is alleged to have posted a video on You Tube in which he warned of his intended attack.

Jarkko Sipila journalist in Helsinki told CNN that a fire had broken out at the college and police have said the incident is ongoing. One worker at the college said the man was wearing a ski mask when he entered the building opening fire on other students. The incident occurred in the small city of Kauhajoki in a rural area 290 km north of Helsinki. There are conflicting reports as to the fate of the gunman. The city Mayor has apparently reported the gunman shot himself, however other reports suggested the man had been arrested [Sky News].
Finland has the third highest gun ownership in the world primarily for hunting. Last November 8 students were killed in a school shooting in Tuusula, around 40km north of Helskinki [BBC]. Following that incident the Finnish government moved to tighten gun laws [BBC]. The gunman, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who was a student at Jokela school had also posted footage foreshadowing the massacre on the video-sharing website YouTube.

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L K Tucker said...

The previous Finnish school shooter had Subliminal Distraction exposure to cause an altered mental state leading to the shooting. There is a picture of his bedroom computer on my Redlake Shooting page.

The Virginia Tech, Redlake School, and Atlanta Day Trader shooters all had the same situation and exposure.

It is significant that these shooters were students. As a group students spend more time in activities that would allow exposure if the situation for it is created. Exposure involves frequent attempts to trigger the vision startle reflex.

If you use a computer where others walk near you that could be a risk for this phenomenon and the mental break it is known to cause.

Shootings seem to be a case of Subliminal Distraction meets sociopath. But other outcomes are possible. There is a long list of missing college students. They walk away taking almost nothing.

Matthew Wilson disappeared from Rice in Houston and was found in Berkeley California eight months later. He was a computer science major. There have been three SC majors disappear.