Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shenzhou-7 - mission accomplished

China has successfully completed its third manned mission into space. During the mission one of the astronauts, or taikonauts as they are known, took part in China’s first walk in space. On Saturday at around 16:00 Beijing time Zhai Zhigang emerged from the hatch of the Shenzhou-7 spacecraft for a 13-minute excursion outside. No experiments were conducted during the short venture outside the craft and after waving the Chinese flag and waving to the camera, Zhai re-entered the spaceship. Today the Shenzhou-7 re-entry capsule parachuted down to Earth at around 17:39 local time [09:39 GMT].

Coverage on television has been minimal. The lift-off was covered Live by the main three Western news broadcasters, CNN, Sky News and the BBC. However there has only been sporadic coverage throughout other mission highlights. CCTV coverage on the other hand has been extensive and many Chinese newspapers have also given over much space to the story [BBC / Sky News / CNN / Xinhua].

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Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS CHINA. We won the bronze medal in 100 metre race with a distance 50 metres behind USA and Russia. Anyway we rank the third as one of the fastest men in the space. Indian and Janpanese will join us later. It would be more entertaining and meaningful when more and more people join in it.