Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama 'initiated plan' to stop campaign

Barack Obama has made a statement on the heels of John McCain’s announcement of suspending his campaign. “There’s obviously a great deal of uncertainty over the economy” he said in his opening words. “There’s much blame being passed around but we’re here now and we have to solve it” he said. “The clock is ticking and we have to get it right”, and by ‘we’ he meant all parties. Both the Democrats and Republicans need to work together” he said, and went on to tell reporters that he initiated the telephone call to John McCain. “I called him this morning with the suggestion of joint statement” Barack Obama told reporters. He said that at 14:30 local time the Republican camp returned his call and both parties agreed it was critical for them all to return to Washington.

Both agreed to work together and release a joint statement but, as Obama returned to his hotel, McCain put out his own unilateral statement. Obama seemed un-rattled by McCain’s attempt to upstage his rival. “I think the only miscommunication was over whether a joint statement might be put out before any separate ones” he said with a smile [BBC]

Obama said McCain had mentioned the issue of postponing an upcoming debate. But Obama said he thought it was something McCain was “mulling over“ and it was not something he‘d made any agreement on. “I believe we should continue and have the debate” he stated later in a question and answer session.

“There are times for politics and there are times to rise above politics” Obama said, “It is an American problem and it requires an American solution”

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Anonymous said...

I get the biggest kick out of seeing McSlain when he is lying!
Just watch his facial expressions and eyes when he says he initiated todays events. And how about the phone call from DC that they don't even need him back????