Monday, September 29, 2008

Typhoon Jangmi kills 4 in Taiwan

At least four people have died across Taiwan in the wake of typhoon Jangmi. One boat has been reported missing and there are many reports of damage across the small island. At least 86,000 homes have lost power and mud slides, caused by more than 100 cm of rain in some parts, have cut off many routes Many residents have been evacuated. Winds have exceeded 230 km/h and TV footage showed many resident being literally blown from their feet. The island also suffered widespread damage when typhoon Hagupit swept across south Asia and dozens were killed across the region [BBC / CNN].
China is already preparing for the onslaught of typhoon Jangmi with hundreds of thousands being evacuated from its projected path. The north-west Pacific experiences an average of 27 tropical cyclones every year. Taiwan itself is hit by around 3 or 4 typhoons in the same time period, however in 1914 a record eight typhoons made landfall.

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