Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Prescott - "Bugger off and get on your bus"

John Prescott has once again shown his true colours as an arrogant, ill educated, thug. It was not so long ago he threw punches at a protester who had thrown an egg. A fair reaction, some might have said, others that it was an over-reaction. And certainly something a politician should not become embroiled.
As Mr Prescott visited Wales today, he again became the subject of criticism as he told a newspaper journalist to ‘bugger off’. The journalist, one Mark Choueke of the South Wales Argus, in a discussion that lasted only seconds was told, “You're an amateur mate, go get on your bus, go home.”
The reaction had come after Mr Choueke had asked John Prescott about Peter Law's decision to quit the party after 35 years service to Blaenau Gwent as a Labour politician. Prescott answered, “It didn't even register with us. The voters just have one choice, vote Labour otherwise they'll end up with a Tory government. It's unfortunate that some of our decisions upset some people.” Choueke continued, “But this isn't about upsetting Peter Law, it's about upsetting the many thousands of Labour voters in Blaenau Gwent who helped you form a strong government - they feel alienated.”
Prescott becoming more indignant, “Why are you asking me about this, I don't care, it's a Welsh situation, I'm a national politician”
So why’s he there, one might ask. To get votes? A question then put to him by the journalist, “Are you too big to care about the Labour voters in Blaenau Gwent?”
Walking away, Prescott reacted with this, “Where do they get these amateurs from? You're an amateur mate, go get on your bus, go home.” And adding, “Bugger off - get on your bus you amateur”. Asking if the ‘interview’ was over, and if this was all Prescott had to say, adding that this would go in the paper, Prescott reacted sarcastically, “I'm scared, go ahead, put it in your paper.”
A spokeswoman for Mr Prescott told Sky News that he had already answered questions about Mr Law earlier. She said, "In this particular situation the approach was quite unreasonable and quite unprofessional. There was just one question and the reporter kept going back and back on it."
Mark Templeton, news editor of the South Wales Argus , commented: “That is just absolute nonsense.”

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