Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Election - 16 days to go

Quote of the week must go to John Prescott with this diatribe, “Look I’ve got my old pledge card a bit battered and crumpled we said we’d provide more turches churches teachers and we have I can remember when people used to say the Japanese are better than us the Germans are better than us the French are better than us well it’s great to be able to say we’re better than them I think Mr Kennedy well we all congratulate on his baby and the Tories are you remembering what I’m remembering boom and bust negative equity remember Mr Howard I mean are you thinking what I’m thinking I’m remembering it’s all a bit wonky isn’t it?”.
As the arguments over policy continue, Mr Howard’s probably thinking that bringing up the issue of immigrants was a bad mistake. The accusations of ‘racist’ and the ‘politics of Enoch Powell’ are flying around left, right and centre. Bob Spink, Tory candidate for Castlepoint in Essex, was lambasted following an advertisement placed in a local newspaper. Part of the full page advertisement read, “what part of send them back don’t you understand, Mr Blair”.
Sleep deprivation was certainly affecting Liberal Democat leader, Charles Kennedy, who was lost for words, and figures, during the launch of the party manifesto. Journalists and other politicians attempted to make capital from this.
And although the Greens were given a brief slice of air-time on the BBC news and the ‘sensible’ policies of the Lib Dems are discussed with enthusiasm on BBC TV’s ‘The Week’ political show, this election is really a two horse race.
So it’s the grinning cat [Blair] or the vampire [Howard] - [14:01 BST 19/04/2005]

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jonny-no-stars said...

I'm tempted to vote Bin Laden.

Better the Devil you don't know, I say.