Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Election - 8 Days to go

Tony is in Bolton today, still on the subject of education. A hand picked audience again. No boo-ing here. Dismissing the Tory attacks on his integrity he went on to emphasize Labour’s position on education, the NHS and the economy. “I am proud to have the only serious policy in this campaign” he said, “Where the Tory policies add up they are extreme” adding that their economic plan was “inept”.
“I haven’t focused on the Lib Dems since they’re not going to be the Government”, he said. Their tax plans were “not serious politics”.
This was running Live on Sky until 11 am, but then went to Sky Active. BBC 24 continued with coverage as the PM criticized the Conservatives’ “assisted places scheme” saying that it was old policy with a different name. It is now called a ‘voucher scheme’. ITV news is meanwhile showing Live coverage of the ceremonies surrounding the handing out of knighthoods and other honours. Ellen MacArthur was given a VC. She achieved the record for the circumnavigating the earth in a small yacht.
Other news coverage is hinged on the maiden flight of the 550 seat A380. The plane took off from Toulouse, France and was covered on most channels Live.
But the election is never far away and BBC 24 turns to Live coverage from Hornsey where Charles Kennedy is in a primary school. “What’s your favourite food?” asks one small child. The local butcher to Mr Kennedy apparently sells very good pies, he said, so probably “Mr Wenn’s steak pies”. He said he also liked ice-cream. Difficult stuff, but that’s all we’re getting as coverage from that is cut. Back to Sky and political correspondent, Adam Bolton gives a quick summary. ITV news is back to the election coverage showing Live pictures from Bolton where Tony Blair strolls in a school playground. By half past the hour all the channels are onto sports news. CNN are covering very little of the British election. So in some ways it’s an escape. One top story is the business story surrounding the new Airbus A380. More later…

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