Monday, April 11, 2005

Jackson trial - week 6

The drama continues with many lewd and selatious accusations being made against the star. Strangely Sky's reconstructions 'disappeared' from the schedule on Thursday and Saturday. Even Sky Interactive failed to carry the reconstruction highlights from both Wednesday's and Friday's court proceedings. Interestingly the sound was completely out of sync with Friday's Sky Active showing of Thursday's proceedings. The disturbing stories being discussed may be putting off some broadcasters, but that's just speculation. The week had spent much of the tome dealing with Jackson's former 'molestees' . Jason Francia seemed fairly believable describing classic behaviour indicative of paedophiles, as experts have previously testified in respect to evidence given by Jackson's accuser. His cleaner mum backed up much of the previous testimony, that Jackson showered and was naked in the same room as young boys.

The defence are attempting to assert these people are lying. And that because they've not always told the truth in the past, they're not telling the truth now. ALL of them? Have all these people gathered together with the LAPD and others and come to some common Jackson, alcopop drinking, molester?? Doubtful. But there is a very difficult issue, IF they're lying, WHY are they lying? Money? Is the money these people might get for their story worth the uncomfortable lives they're likely to experience after all this, however it turns out.
Still in the end it's all down to the jury. And we've not yet heard the defence case yet. That will be interesting.

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