Friday, April 29, 2005

'Axis of Evil' talks continue as some are armed

Iran has threatened to quit talks and continue with uranium enrichment if talks in London are not successful. The statements were made by Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi on Thursday. He said, “If talks with the European Union are not successful tomorrow, negotiations will collapse and we will have no choice but to restart the uranium enrichment program.” Iran is one of a number of countries listed on George W Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’. Concerns are also mounting as Vladimir Putin makes a deal to sell missiles to Syria. Syria, although having withdrawn from the Lebanon, remains on America’s ‘watch list’. The Russian President today visited Israel in an attempt to placate and reassure Ariel Sharon and the Israeli people. He is due to meet the newly elected Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, on Friday. Meanwhile Bush has spent the last hour talking about the issues above. The press conference was called primarily to discuss health reforms. The speech aired on Sky and BBC for a short time, Al Jazeera and CNN covered until the end. Nothing new came from his commentary, but he reaffirmed his position on Syria, Iran and North Korea, that of keeping up the political pressure. Meanwhile in the UK everybody seems to have election fatigue, as Howard and Blair start bitching over the 'war' and 'trust'. 01:00 UTC/GMT/ZULU

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