Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Iraq Latest 14/04/05

According to KXTV An Indiana businessman is believed kidnapped in Iraq. The man, Jeffrey Ake, has apparently been seen today in a video, pleading for his life. The U.S. Embassy confirmed the man “appears to be the 47-year-old executive who was abducted Monday while working on a water treatment plant near Baghdad”. The White House said today it would not negotiate with terrorists. In footage shown on Al Jazeera TV, the hostage was shown surrounded by masked gunmen. He called on the US administration to "open a dialogue with the Iraqi resistance" to save his life. Al Jazeera said the statement was "obtained from him in abnormal conditions".
Casualty rate today -0 – so far this Month – 14
since beginning of hostilities – 1548 US / 87 UK / 90 others / TOTAL 1725 dead /
Contractors – 210 dead /

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