Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UK - More storms expected

The UK is braced for more stormy weather after high winds swept across Britain yesterday. The sometimes hurricane strength winds lashed the western and southern coast creating a spectacular display. But the storm passed over almost uneventfully. There was disruption to some electrical supplies, transport links and a few reports of damage to buildings but for the most part it was not the major storm predicted by some. However, the storm did leave some dramatic images in its wake. In west France a Dutch registered ship, the Artemis, drifted off course and became beached at the popular seaside destination of Les Sables d‘Olonne [YBW]. In England it was mostly transport systems that suffered. Flights from Britain‘s airports were cancelled, bridges were closed on major road networks and ferry services were also halted. Weather forecasters have said there may be more bad weather to come. But there is a feeling amongst some that the warnings are exaggerating the threat [BBC]

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