Wednesday, March 05, 2008

McCain wins nomination, Obama & Clinton battle on

Hillary Clinton has won the Texas primary in a shift from her perceived downslide in the candidacy race. Barak Obama still managed yet another win in Vermont taking 60% of the vote significantly larger than that achieved by Clinton’s 38%. But Hillary Clinton also scored another two wins in yesterday’s ongoing political battle. She took both Ohio and Rhode Island, but the margins as with Texas were extremely thin. In Texas she took 51% against Obama’s 48% while in Ohio Hillary led by only a 10% lead over Obama’s 44% of the vote. The biggest margin was in Rhode Island where Clinton took 58% against Obama’s 40%. The new gains by Clinton still leave her way behind Obama. So far Barak Obama is out in front with 1,451 candidates against Clinton’s 1,365. However, whatever the outcome of the upcoming primaries, the final decision in the candidacy race will fall on the so called super-delegates. The new shift towards Clinton maybe due to recent criticism of Senator Obama. There has also been a focus on perceived media bias towards Barak Obama. The so called Red Phone ad is also argued to be a factor in the recent polls. The advertisement asked voters who they would trust to answer the White House hot line at 3 a.m, Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama.

But the big news of the night was McCain’s clinching the Republican nomination for the Presidential candidate. Achieving the required number of candidates, John McCain has been declared the Republican candidate that will take the party to the White House. He will be given the endorsement by President Bush later on Wednesday. In his celebratory speech, John McCain told his supporters, “We are the captains of our fate…We don’t hide from history, we make history”, and called on the people of America to pledge their support in November’s Presidential election [CNN / BBC / Sky News / CNN in depth].

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