Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shuttle docks successfully with ISS

On final approach - Endeavour less than 30 m from the ISS

The Space Shuttle has docked with the International Space Station. After completing an underside inspection to check for any heat-shield damage, the shuttle began to make its final approach to the ISS. For two hours Endeavour made a slow approach to the ISS from a distance of 4 km at a rate of approximately 37 metres per minute. By 03:00 GMT Endeavour was within 50 metres of the space station and its rate of approach had slowed considerably to less than 3 cm per second in the final manoeuvres. The entire operation was of course covered by NASA TV, both via satellite and the internet. However the BBC, Sky News, nor CNN covered the docking Live. Endeavour finally docked at 03:49 [10:49 CT] over Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula [NASA].

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