Thursday, March 13, 2008

Security breach at Heathrow airport

A man has been arrested after breaching security at Heathrow Airport. The man, apparently wearing a rucksack, was arrested after running into the path of a plane on the north runway. He was first spotted at 14:05 GMT and detained by armed police. Sky News have said the individual had two rucksacks and had scaled a 4 metre fence in order to gain access to the airfield. Police have said a controlled explosion has taken place on the north runway. Sky have been showing still photographs depicting the arrext of the man while the BBC have been showing pictures shot from their news helicopter. According to the latest reports there were no explosives in the rucksacks and it has been suggested he may have been a protester. The incident comes less than a month after Greenpeace breached security at the airport in protest of the airport expansion plans. The new terminal 5 opens at the airport tomorrow.

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