Friday, May 23, 2008

More arrests following Exeter blast

Pictured: Reilly walks to restaurant and the injured suspect

Police have made further arrests following an attempted terrorist attack at an Exeter restaurant. The two men were detained by armed police in Plymouth in front of shocked shoppers. Nicky Reilly who is said to have mental problems attempted to arm two devices in the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter but one detonated in his face causing serious injuries. Police have said the devices contained ‘chemicals’ and ‘small metal objects including nails’. Known as a ‘big giant’ that kept himself to himself, Reilly is said to not have many English friends. He converted to Islam about 5 years ago and regularly attended a local mosque close to his Plymouth flat. Police believe he was “taken advantage of and radicalised” due to his mental difficulties [CNN / BBC / Sky News].

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