Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dalai Lama - “World peace starts with inner peace”

“World peace starts with inner peace” the Dalai Lama said to his audience of several hundred people at the Albert Hall. During his lengthy address, lasting nearly one hour, he did not speak specifically about Tibet, but said religious harmony and dialogue was important in the coming century. Different views over religion should not provide reason for conflict he insisted. “Respect to all religions” was important but he said non-believers should also be respected.

In a short question and answer session he said he was saddened by the events in China following the Sichuan earthquake. “It was very sad and very shocking” he said. He added that China’s one child policy had compounded the pain for many parents who had lost their only child. But he said he was encouraged by the “transparency of the Chinese government”.

Asked what makes the Dalai Lama laugh, he spoke of a meeting in Mexico with a Japanese Buddhist who remained serious even as the string of rosary beads snapped scattering them everywhere. “That made me laugh”, he said. With regards a question on Tibet he repeated that he was “not seeking separation” but instead, “meaningful autonomy to safeguard our culture”. He added that, “Many Chinese people think we Tibetans are anti-Chinese but this is not true” and called on people to educate “our Chinese brothers and sisters”. After his hour long address he received a rapturous applause from the audience. Little coverage was given to the event, though Sky News active did provide access to the entire speech.

The Dalai Lama was far more critical yesterday when he said Britain was not doing enough [BBC]. He is expected to meet tomorrow with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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